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If you are in the Orlando or Kissimmee areas and were involved in a car accident or are ready to get out of debt, just "Dial 7's" to give us a call and schedule a FREE private consultation with our attorneys. The Benenati Law Firm is a locally owned and operated law firm ... we are not located across the state or even the country like some "big law firm factory". But, we certainly aren't small where it matters ... we have recovered millions of dollars for our injury clients and eliminated nearly a billion dollars of debt for our bankruptcy clients! Contact us today by dialing 7's (407-777-7777) or visit our website today

We are the largest filer of bankruptcies in Central Florida. Walter F. Benenati of the Benenati Law Firm has successfully filed and handled more than 12,000 bankruptcies, foreclosures, and personal injury cases. His extensive experience has resulted in MILLIONS of dollars in recoveries for our personal injury clients ... and nearly a BILLION dollars of debt has been wiped out for our bankruptcy clients! Simply dial 407-BANKRUPT or dial 7s (407-777-7777) or visit our website to request a FREE consultation in our Orlando or Kissimmee offices today.

"When you have debt, you're living with a secret that only you know or you and your spouse know. You pay the minimum payment. Sometimes you don't. The stack of unopened bills keeps getting higher. You stay up at night and watch TV. You play 'who will I pay this month' every month. It is stressful and depressing." Click here to read my personal bankruptcy story at my website. If you're finally ready to liberate yourself from debt, The Benenati Law Firm can help! We offer a FREE private consultation. Simply dial 7's (407-777-7777) to book an appointment in our Orlando or Kissimmee offices today.

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Courthouse icon Official Florida Bar number registration: 46679
Gavel icon Registered attorney since 2008.
Pen writing icon See Walter's official records of disciplinary actions from the Florida Bar, including formal charges of misconduct, ethical violations, petitions for reinstatement and readmission, among others.

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