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Legal Services of Greater Miami

Legal Aid

Each year we handle a variety of civil legal matters benefiting more than 20,000 individuals and families. We recover almost $2.6 million for clients in disability, unemployment, child support, and government benefits. We are able to so effectively serve our community due to the strength and diversity of our staff, Board, Campaign Committee, and Legal Services Foundation Board.

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Miami, FL
Daniela Cimo
Miami, FL
Ilenia Sánchez-Bryson
  • Social Security
Miami, FL
Davalyn Suarez
  • Business
Miami, FL
Jacqueline Ebert
Miami, FL
Pamela Flores
Miami, FL
Nerlande Joseph
Miami, FL
Erin Hoover
Miami, FL
Guerby Noel
Miami, FL
Chiara Brandstaetter
Miami, FL
Daniel Quintian
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