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Legal Aid

Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County helps our clients gain many of life’s most basic needs and rights: living in a safe home, getting enough food to eat, earning a quality education, and being protected again exploitation and discrimination.

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Palm Beach

48 Attorneys

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West Palm Beach, FL
Bianca Gentile
West Palm Beach, FL
Eneami Bestman
West Palm Beach, FL
Sandra Moses
  • Lemon Law
West Palm Beach, FL
Tequisha Myles
  • Elder Law
  • Probate
  • Trusts
West Palm Beach, FL
Kristina Rowe
West Palm Beach, FL
Danielle Capitini
West Palm Beach, FL
Blake Hanley
West Palm Beach, FL
Vanessa Arrieta
West Palm Beach, FL
Ileana Russo
West Palm Beach, FL
Paula Carvajal
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