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Criminal Defense Attorneys in Tampa

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Patricia Ann Candamo's photo
Patricia Ann Candamo
Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney
Lawyer Sphere rating rank 96.4%LAWYER SPHERE RATING
Criminal Defense Attorneys
Katherine Earle Yanes's photo
Katherine Earle Yanes
Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney
Angela Bridgette Wright's photo
Angela Bridgette Wright
Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney
Samantha Lee Ward's photo
Samantha Lee Ward
Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney
Jessica C Tien's photo
Jessica C Tien
Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney
Todd Jerome Thurow's photo
Todd Jerome Thurow
Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney
Jenny Marie Thomas's photo
Jenny Marie Thomas
Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney
Brett Jacob Szematowicz's photo
Brett Jacob Szematowicz
Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney
Eduardo A Suarez's photo
Eduardo A Suarez
Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney
Walter Todd Smith's photo
Walter Todd Smith
Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney
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Criminal Defense attorneys are not exactly what you are looking for? Try instead:

Need legal help with criminal charges?

When charged with a crime, whether a traffic offense, misdemeanor or a felony charge, a criminal defense attorney can help you defend against those charges, protecting your rights at all stages of the criminal process, from arrest to appeal.

There are 3 ways to find a criminal defense attorney: contact a private attorney (using a search platform like Lawyer Sphere), contact your local attorney Bar association in your county for a referral, or if you can't afford a private lawyer, the government will provide a “public defender” free of charge. The main difference between a private attorney and one appointed by the State is that since so many people are unable to afford a private lawyer, public defenders often have much larger caseloads.

As a defendant, you are also entitled to represent yourself. However, be mindful that the legal system is quite complicated and difficult to navigate. It is important that you take this process seriously and we recommend that you work with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

2 Traits to Look For in a Great Criminal Defense Attorney

  • Litigation experience. When disputes arise, a lawyer who is not an experienced litigator will be much more likely to push or agree to settlements, avoid court, or be reluctant to push the case to trial.
    Tip: ask the attorney how many cases they’ve litigated through trial recently.
  • Government Experience. Attorneys with prior experience as public defenders or prosecutors make great defense attorneys, given their unique perspective into the way the “system works” as well as managing large caseloads of clients.

    Tip: ask if the attorney ever worked as a public defender or prosecutor.