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Business Attorneys in Tampa

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Patricia Ann Candamo
Tampa Business Attorney
Lawyer Sphere rating rank 96.4%LAWYER SPHERE RATING
Business Attorneys
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Gian-Franco Melendez
Tampa Business Attorney
Lawyer Sphere rating rank 95.6%LAWYER SPHERE RATING
Trescot Joseph Gear's photo
Trescot Joseph Gear
Tampa Business Attorney
Lawyer Sphere rating rank 79.2%LAWYER SPHERE RATING
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Need Legal Help With a Business Law Matter?

Also known as mercantile law or commercial law, business law is the law that governs commercial matters and business dealings or disputes. Business laws include all municipal, state, and federal laws that govern all types and sizes of business entities, which range from sole proprietors, limited liability companies, to multinational corporations.

A business attorney can help you prevent or deal with legal issues that arise when you are creating a new business as well as operating, closing, or selling an existing one.

Business lawyers deal with all issues that affect businesses, from simple organizational or operational needs like business formation, reviewing leases or purchase agreements to much more complex matters such as partnership agreements, business disputes, intellectual property and IPO’s.

A significant part of business law is transactional, focusing in general on reviewing or drafting contracts and submitting forms, so typically taking place outside of the courtroom. However, business disputes often lead to litigation in cases like breach of contract claims, consumer class action lawsuits, and wrongful termination.

Top Traits to Look for in a Great Business Attorney

  • Litigation experience. When disputes arise, a lawyer who is not an experienced litigator will be much more likely to push or agree to settlements, avoid court, or be reluctant to push the case to trial.
    Tip: ask the attorney how many cases they’ve litigated through trial recently.
  • Organizational skills. Due to the large amount of transactional work that is typically involved with this practice, it is critical that the attorney has a mastery of administrative skills, managerial skills, organizational, and interpersonal skills in order for him/her, and the office staff, to meet deliverable timelines and offer a world-class level of service.

    Tip: when asking questions, monitor the time that it takes for the attorney or staff to get back to you.