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Online Profile Photo Guidelines

So... you got a new online lawyer profile and want it to look good?

Great! You came to the right place.

Make sure your profile picture follows all the recommended portrait guidelines as follows:

  • The photo should be a portrait (head-shot).
  • The photo has to be squared and at least 500 by 500 pixels.
  • The maximum file size for a photo is 250 Kb.
  • Only .JPG files are allowed.
  • The photo should have a plain background.
  • The photo should be full-color.

Our guidelines are created to ensure consistency and provide users (your future clients) a great user experience.

A good photo looks like...

Thumbs up
good photo sample

Bad photos look like...

Thumbs down gray scale bad photo sample

Photos should be full-color.- It's not 1999 -

Thumbs down bad photo sample full-body

Photos should be head-shots, not full-body.- It's not a modeling contest -

Thumbs down framed bad photo sample

Don't use artificial borders or frames.- It's not your living room -

Thumbs down multiple people bad photo sample

Don't include other people or pets in your photo.- It's not an action photo. It's a portrait -

Thumbs down empty area bad photo sample

Don't use empty spaces around your photo.- It's weird. There is no reason to do that -

Thumbs down empty area bad photo sample

Don't use text around your photo (slogans, website, phone, etc).- It's not a billboard -

Word of caution

If you don't follow our profile photo guidelines, your profile photo could be penalized, or even deleted. Also, please note that only fully compliant photos maximize your ranking power.

Message to take home

Keep these practices in mind when designing your online lawyer profile, regardless if you are building your Lawyer Sphere profile, Google Business, Yelp, or even Avvo and Justia. You always want to make sure your personal brand promotes professionalism and a sharp, trust worthy first impression.

Having problems creating a killer profile pic? Contact us to help.