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Lawyer Sphere Rating

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The Lawyer Sphere rating was designed to offer the average person a sneak-peak into a lawyer's professional network.

How it Works

For Attorneys

  • The Lawyer Sphere Rating is based on the quality of the information in the attorney's profile and the number of peer-endorsement recommendations for that lawyer.
  • The Lawyer Sphere Rating is a percentage, 0 to 100%.
  • All attorneys can receive positive and negative recommendations.
  • All recommendations are anonymous to protect the integrity and fairness of the system.
  • Only attorneys registered with the Florida Bar Association can add recommendations for other attorneys. We ensure only registered attorneys provide feedback by limiting enrollment using the contact information registered with the Florida Bar's official website.

For Law Firms

  • The Lawyer Sphere Rating for law firms is based on the combined rating of all attorneys linked to the law firm.
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We treat all lawyers equally.

The Lawyer Sphere’s Lawyer Rating cannot be bought and it is not based on the size of the firm the attorney practices at. All ratings are based on peer reviews and the attorney's individual profile. Being part of the Star Attorney advertising program does not affect the rating in any way.