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Patricia Ann Candamo

Attorney Highlight of the Month - March 2020

Published 25th March, 2020 by Joshua Sphere.
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Patricia Ann Candamo is a Managing Partner at Candamo Law PA in Tampa with over 11 years of experience, admitted to the Florida bar on October 15, 2010. Her legal areas of expertise include Business, Criminal Defense, Immigration and Lawsuits & Disputes.

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Helping both businesses and individuals to plan for, or to deal with, challenges is extremely satisfying at a deep personal level
Patricia Ann Candamo
Lawyer Sphere interview with attorney Patricia Ann Candamo from Tampa, FL
What is the most satisfying part of your practice?
The legal system, although it revolves on a fixed body of principles, also revolves around people. Being an attorney is about helping them when issues arise in their lives. Clearly, problems are often as complex as the judicial decisions to resolve them. Each person’s case is unique and being able to research and formulate a legal strategy to effectively resolve their issue is very rewarding. At Candamo Law, we focus on business law, criminal defense and civil disputes. We are not merely transactional attorneys, and often deal with complex problems that require negotiation, mediation and arbitration, and litigation. Our extensive litigation background gives us a unique perspective to help businesses and individuals when they run into problems, but also to plan and prepare to avoid them. I pride myself on having built a compassionate practice that provides affordable services to those in need, no matter how complicated their situation is. Legal problems are not only tied to mischief, they are also driven by misfortune. Helping both businesses and individuals to plan for, or to deal with, challenges is extremely satisfying at a deep personal level. It’s not only about assisting people in reaching a positive outcome for their issues, but also about sometimes being the only person in their corner.
How does your background influence your legal practice?
I have an extremely diverse professional and educational background, which has shaped my practice and the areas of law that interest me. Not many attorneys are fortunate enough to have worked in the Public Defender’s Office to defend hundreds of clients in criminal court, as well as small and very large firms defending businesses interests in a wide range of large scale negotiations and complex litigation cases. I have over 10 years of professional exposure to large corporate cultures, government, and boutique law firms. Also, my legal education at Stetson University, considered by many the top litigation law school in the country after being ranked the top law school for Trial Advocacy 20 times in 24 years, gave me a unique perspective of the legal needs of our community, and prepared me for a legal career that is centered around litigation. In 2015, my diverse professional and educational background fueled the desire to start Candamo Law PA, a modern litigation law firm. I believe Candamo Law is the perfect example of the next generation of providers of legal services in Florida. Modern legal practices need to combine experienced attorneys with cutting-edge technology. Our firm, located at the heart of the fast-growing commercial hub of Ybor City, takes full advantage of technology to service clients not only in Tampa Bay, but everywhere in the State of Florida.
What is a common issue that arises with clients in your primary practice area?
Our primary legal practice is business law. The most common issue that arises with small and medium-size businesses is mediocre, or lack of written contracts. Written contracts set out the rights and obligations of each party in a business transaction. Contracts protect you and your business, as well as reduce the risk of uncertainty for all parties. Without something in writing, there can be disagreements about what was promised, expected or even paid for. Many businesses are put off by the cost of having a contract as well as terms and conditions drafted by an attorney, but the potential cost of not having a contract is usually more expensive. As part of our business model, we offer financing options as well as retainer plans for small businesses and start-ups. Our goal is to level the playing field for smaller businesses to have access to the same quality of legal services as larger enterprises. You are working hard to build a solid financial footing for you and your family, so you want to be sure that your business is protected, today and in the future.
What makes a person a good client?
A good client is organized and can clearly explain their issues, problems and concerns. Also, a good client will listen to the attorney’s professional advice, be realistic about possible outcomes, and be open to discuss the different options regarding their specific situation. After all, the legal world is not black or white. When things are not straight forward, a requirement for success is trust. A good client is willing to be completely honest and trust the attorney and his or her experience. After all, that’s why they are hiring the attorney! I understand that it often takes some effort to build a trusting relationship, but a good client is open-minded and willing to start from a place of openness. After all, as an attorney, you never want to be blind-sided by unexpected information. Misinformation or lack of information can be the difference between success and failure.
What should a potential client look for when hiring an attorney?
If you are looking for an attorney, you need to do your homework. It’s never been easier for people to find information about attorneys in their community. Nowadays, there are many free, informational community resources and online tools that can help you explore your legal options. Take Lawyer Sphere for instance. With a few clicks you can have access to hundreds of attorney profiles near you. Furthermore, technology is allowing you to now hire an attorney located on the other side of the state if needed. As a client, you should look for an attorney that has experience in the area of the law that you are looking for. Experienced attorneys leverage not only their knowledge and experience but also their professional contacts to handle your matter effectively. You should also pay special attention when you talk to the firm’s staff, in addition to the attorney, to make sure you feel comfortable with the communication process. Always make sure your attorney clearly communicates the fee schedule, defines and explains the attorney-client relationship, and outlines realistic expectations for your case.
What are your hobbies?
I love to travel with my husband to visit new places and experience new cultures. I also love spending time with my Bernise Mountain Dog, Cleopatra, the only furry member of our law firm. We even have a doggy profile here at Lawyer Sphere for her. Make sure to check it out!
Tell us a fun fact about yourself
My family background combines roots from Eastern Europe, United States and Latin America (from my husband’s side). Heritage is not only about blood ties, but family, friendship and commitment to the community. I’m a strong advocate for the rights of the Hispanic community in Florida and my entire staff, and myself, speak Spanish fluently. Although I’m not a direct descendant of Hispanic heritage, I was elected as the first non-Hispanic president of the Tampa Hispanic Bar Association in 2020!
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Tampa, FL
Patricia Candamo
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