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Trescot Joseph Gear

Attorney Highlight of the Month - February 2020

Published 8th February, 2020 by Joshua Sphere.
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Trescot Joseph Gear is a Managing Partner at Gear Law, LLC in Tampa with over 5 years of experience, admitted to the Florida bar on September 01, 2015. His legal areas of expertise include Business, Employment and Sexual Harassment.

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The most satisfying part of my practice is the opportunity to meaningfully impact a client’s life when they’re going through an incredibly rough stretch in their life
Trescot Joseph Gear
Lawyer Sphere interview with attorney Trescot Joseph Gear from Tampa, FL
What is the most satisfying part of your practice?
The most satisfying part of my practice is the opportunity to meaningfully impact a client’s life when they’re going through an incredibly rough stretch in their life. Clients don’t usually seek out attorneys unless they’ve been injured in some fashion or are in need of recompense; I get the most personal satisfaction by putting them at ease, guiding them through the complexities of law, and hopefully delivering a favorable outcome for them.
How does your background influence your legal practice?
I come from a family of significant means, and yet my parents never raised us to believe there were any class differences between myself an my peers. My legal practice is emblematic of that egalitarian ideal. No client who walks in my door is treated differently based on their income or standing in society. Law already creates enough class barriers to entry, I feel I’m doing a small part in lowering those barriers in my practice.
What is a common issue that arises with clients in your primary practice area?
My primary practice area is employment law, and two common issues that arise in that area are sexual harassment and unpaid overtime. Despite the efforts of the #MeToo Movement, sexual harassment is still a prevalent disease in American workplaces. Reporting and documenting any potential sexual harassment is critical for a client to maintain their rights. Also, with the wave of new labor laws, I see many cases involving disputes about unpaid overtime compensation. If you’re an hourly employee, make sure you track all your hours worked!
What makes a person a good client?
A good client is someone who is engaged and an active participant in their own case. A good client is transparent and they delegate effective, clearly delineated directives for the attorney to take on.
What should a potential client look for when hiring an attorney?
A potential client should look for an attorney who is skilled not only in the practice area the client is in need of, but also the client should look for an attorney who is also personable and adept at social interaction: anyone can look up a law online, but a good attorney is able to effectively deliver the essence of the client’s position in an easily digestible package, not in an adversarial or hostile approach.
What are your hobbies?
I’m an avid sports and movies fan, and a day without going to the gym feels wasted!
Tell us a fun fact about yourself
I have a photographic memory, which is mostly used for innocuous things like sports and movie trivia, and winning arguments at the bar!
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Tampa, FL
Trescot Gear
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