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Jay Roger Rooth

Attorney Highlight of the Month - May 2020

Published 7th May, 2020 by Joshua Sphere.
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Jay Roger Rooth is a Managing Partner at Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law in Orlando with over 18 years of experience, admitted to the Florida bar on April 17, 2003. His legal areas of expertise include Criminal Defense, Domestic Violence, DUI and Personal Injury.

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I have been blessed to have been raised and surrounded by great lawyers my entire life who have always stood by the perspective that you always take care of the client. The greatest way to earn a reputation is through your clients.
Jay Roger Rooth
Lawyer Sphere interview with attorney Jay Roger Rooth from Orlando, FL
What is the most satisfying part of your practice?
My legal career began as a Prosecutor at the Orange and Osceola County State Attorney’s Office. I was employed as a Prosecutor for over three years. I determined that it was time to delve into a new part of criminal law so the next step was for me to open my own law firm. Working as Prosecutor in the Orange and Osceola County State Attorney’s Office provided me the valuable legal experience needed to successfully litigate all criminal matters. In 2006 I, along with my partner, Andrew Moses created our legal firm Moses and Rooth, Attorneys at Law. We focus primarily in criminal defense matters. Our firm has created a strong presence in Central Florida in criminal matters. We strive to provide personal attention, legal acuity, and successful results for each case. We always say – reputation is earned, not given. For most, facing a criminal legal matter can be a scary and intimidating time and as a result, our firm prides itself in having the legal ability to help our clients during this time.
How does your background influence your legal practice?
I grew up sitting at the dinner table listening to my parents speak about the law profession. My parents are both attorneys in Pinellas County, Florida practicing Elder Law. Elder law requires the unique skills of true compassion and patience. I was raised going to my parents’ firm after school and during holiday breaks. It was ingrained in me to always take care of the client. My childhood revolved around visits to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, court houses and legal seminars. Throughout high school I became a runner to the courthouse with legal filings and learned to communicate with the clerks and judges’ offices. As a second-generation attorney and a family filled with about 25 attorneys around the country, every family gathering is an exchange of legal war stories and advice on how to run a better legal practice. I have been blessed to have been raised and surrounded by great lawyers my entire life who have always stood by the perspective that you always take care of the client. The greatest way to earn a reputation is through your clients.
What is a common issue that arises with clients in your primary practice area?
I have been practicing criminal law for over15 years. As a result of my experience, I believe that the lack of government treatment opportunities for drug and mental health is the most common issue that arises in my practice. The majority of cases we handle have some type of connection to either drugs or mental health issues. We spend exhaustive amounts of time locating a facility that will fit our clients’ needs. Over the past 15 years, I have seen incredible changes in peoples’ lives after the appropriate treatment has been provided to them. However, the availability of these facilities is challenging to locate and find immediate placement for those in need. Our firm has always given the clients this personal attention and will always work to address mental health and drug addiction while defending our clients legal rights.
What makes a person a good client?
Based on my experience, I would characterize a good client as someone who has effective communication skills. Communication is the most important thing that we always ask for from our clients. The client being able to understand the gravity of their criminal case, being able to communicate the allegations, and understand the importance of each stage of the criminal procedure is important is reaching a successful resolution. Client communication is imperative for us to prepare a proper defense. We recently had a case where a client was charged with a serious sex offense. We received 400 pages of discovery reports from the government that explained the allegations and law enforcements investigation. After we read all the reports, we met with our client to conduct a further in-depth discussion of the allegations. In this review, our client reviewed some crucial facts that were not consistent with the facts that were included in the warrant to search the client’s home. We were able to use the details from the client, discover a legal defense, and subsequently have the warrant and all evidence in the case suppressed. Without the client communicating to us clear and specific details of his case we would not have been able to determine a legal defense against the criminal charges.
What should a potential client look for when hiring an attorney?
The answer here is the same as what makes a good client – good, solid communications skills. For a successful attorney-client relationship, communication is vital. The client should feel confident that the attorney he is looking to hire is able to communicate the important legal strategies that will be taken in their case. The client should feel secure after each meeting, and each court appearance that their attorney is fighting for the best resolution for their case. When a potential client is facing a criminal matter, it is a fearful and stressful time for them. Consequently, the attorney needs to be not only acute in understanding their criminal matter but also sensitive to their emotional stress.
What are your hobbies?
As a husband and father of three young children my extra free time has been all about enjoying time with my family. On any given weekend you will see me on the soccer fields cheering on my kids’ playing in their games. If we are not on the fields, you will find us enjoying the outdoors in our local community. We have wonderful community events that range from art festivals to farmer’s markets. We try to stay as active as possible so biking on our local trails, kayaking in our beautiful city lakes and visiting our beaches are just some of our favorite activities.
What social causes are you passionate about?
For me having the ability to help others and really make a difference in their lives transcends past the criminal law world. I am on the board of directors for a charitable foundation focused on supporting education, health care and the religious needs of families and individuals. Every year we have the unique opportunity to review applications from different non-profit organizations who show need. These organizations provide a thoughtful and detailed account of their mission, their work in the community and their current need. As our foundation listens to each application and presentation, I am in awe of the power and effect of philanthropy. My participation on this Board serves as a means of opening my eyes and providing a growing respect for those who give to their community for the sole purpose of strengthening their community and its members.
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Orlando, FL
Jay Rooth
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