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Monica Amor

Attorney Highlight of the Month - April 2020

Published 15th April, 2020 by Joshua Sphere.
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Monica Amor is an attorney at Amor Law Firm, P.A. in Miami with over 24 years of experience, admitted to the Florida bar on October 01, 1997. Her legal areas of expertise include Consumer Protection and Workers Compensation.

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It is rewarding to know that my representation makes a difference in people’s lives
Monica Amor
What is the most satisfying part of your practice?
I have been licensed to practice law in Florida since 1997. I limit my practice to workers’ compensation cases and represent injured workers exclusively. Workers’ compensation law in Florida favors employers and insurance carriers over injured workers. My clients are unable to navigate within this law without competent representation. The most satisfying part of my practice is being able to obtain both indemnity and medical benefits for clients who are unable to return to the type of work they performed prior to their injury. It is especially satisfying when I proceed to trial and am successful in obtaining a favorable ruling. It is rewarding to know that my representation makes a difference in people’s lives.
How does your background influence your legal practice?
Most of my clients are Hispanic and non-English-speaking. Although I was born in Miami, I am of Cuban descent. I have native fluency in both English and Spanish. Having been exposed to immigrants from the Caribbean, and Central and South America, I can relate to my clients’ desire to return to gainful employment. Most are hard-working individuals who desire to get better and to return to the workforce. My extensive experience in the field of workers’ compensation and my ability to communicate with my clients in their native language give them a sense of comfort.
What is a common issue that arises with clients in your primary practice area?
It is not uncommon for clients to feel that they know the true value of their case. Unfortunately, their opinions regarding case worth is a culmination of many conversations with individuals in the community that have been involved in what they consider to be similar injuries resulting in a certain monetary recovery. The common issue that arises is a failure on the part of the clients to understand how insurance carriers arrive at the value of their case for settlement purposes. Workers’ compensation law in Florida does not provide for punitive damages, which means that the case worth is based solely on what the insurance carrier may owe in past benefits and what it can anticipate spending in the future if the case is not settled. When clients consult with their friends regarding case worth, most of the time they are comparing the workers’ compensation cases with liability (non-work accident) cases. Unlike workers’ compensation cases, the latter requires the plaintiff to establish liability and punitive damages can in fact be awarded. That is why the case value in workers’ compensation cases differs from the value in accidents that do not occur at work. These differences cause the claimants to have a pre-conceived notion of what their case is worth. My job as their attorney is not only to strive to obtain the maximum benefits under the law, but also to educate clients at the time of potential settlement and guide them in the right direct based on their needs.
What makes a person a good client?
Every case requires a certain level of responsibility on the part of the client. In workers’ compensation cases, for example, clients need to ensure they keep their medical appointments and that they provide me with any report/script provided by the medical provider. A good client will listen to the advice of his/her attorney. Ultimately, since it is the client’s case, the client alone determines whether to agree to settlement of the case. That decision, however, should be an informed one, which can be accomplished by listening to and considering your attorney’s advice.
What should a potential client look for when hiring an attorney?
A potential client should look for an attorney with experience in the field where representation is sought. It is important for the client to feel comfortable with the attorney. Therefore, the client should retain an attorney not only based on his/her level of experience in a particular field, but also on his/her ability to communicate clearly as communication is key throughout the process. It is always important to inquire whether the attorney has had any disciplinary actions with the Florida Bar.
What are your hobbies?
In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and three kids. We love Disney World and travel there often. I also enjoy reading and listening to different types of music.
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Miami, FL
Monica Amor
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