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The Star Attorney Advertising Program

It's like having a dedicated salesperson that doesn't sleep and is promoting your brand 24/7.

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Right now,
there are thousands of individuals looking for attorneys
just like you.

However, the lawyer population is growing. In fact, Florida is the fourth largest state in the country in terms of the number of active attorneys competing for business.

And to make matters more complicated, traditional advertisements like billboards, TV or radio are on the rise, and are often cost-prohibitive for small firms or solo practitioners.

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It's All About Return on Investment

The bad news is that in a fast-paced world where technology changes daily, it's almost impossible to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in digital marketing without a massive budget behind your organization.

The good news is that Lawyer Sphere is revolutionizing the attorney advertising industry in Florida.

We are leveling the playing field by offering an unprecedented, cost-effective marketing option for small law firms: the Star Attorney advertising program.

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As a Star Attorney, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • You will be listed as part of our sponsored listings for all your practice areas, which are displayed above organic search results. Sponsored listings display in both city and state practice searches, as well as individual (non Star) attorney pages.
  • You are eligible to display the Lawyer Sphere Star Attorney badge on your website or blog. Potential clients are directed to your profile by clicking on the badge, where they can review information about you and your practice, and likely ask for help solving their legal issue.

You will be promoted as a Star Attorney in all practice areas listed in your profile.

For only
For an entire year!

How Much is a New Client Worth to You?

As a Star Attorney, you will have access to your own private Advertising Dashboard that tracks meaningful interactions between new potential clients and your profile.


  • Profile views (user views your profile).
  • Map clicks (user opens your address in Google maps from our website).
  • Call clicks (user calls your phone number from a mobile device from our website).
  • Website Clicks (user visits your website from the link on our website).

The Lawyer Sphere Warranty
365 Interactions Guaranteed
That's $1 per potential client

At the end of your first year of the Star Attorney advertising program, if you don’t receive 365 interactions we will add another year...for free

And in case you are wondering...

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The Star Attorney advertising program is compliant with the Florida Bar Association's advertising rules.
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