About Lawyer Sphere

Lawyer Sphere’s mission is to help people protect their rights, life, and loved ones.

Lawyer Sphere was founded in 2019 by an engineer in Florida who was frustrated with how difficult it was for regular people to find great legal help. Bombarded with news about attorneys defrauding people, counterbalanced by billboards that just highlight a few of the great attorneys and law firms in the State... Lawyer Sphere was born.

Our founder has deep connections to the legal industry in Florida and a passion for technology. However, building a massive (and free) platform for attorneys in order to provide regular people with enough information and tools to find great legal help, was not an easy task. To start, the legal industry is highly regulated (as it should be), so it poses significant problems for a start-up to decipher what and how things should be done. Then, to create an easy-to-use and effective platform for everyone to access for free is not only expensive, but also not easy to do. However, people’s lives are at stake. People’s futures. People’s rights. As a society, the crux of our problem is that everybody deserves great legal help, but not everyone is getting it. And that problem must be resolved.

We launched LawyerSphere.com in January, 2020, and the Legal automated chat AI a few months later. Both technology platforms continue to improve, almost on a daily basis. Our proprietary technology will help promote and streamline legal practices, and reduce the cost of doing business for legal professionals. Lower costs and higher visibility for attorneys will lead to more people getting access to high-quality and cost-effective legal representation. We are building a culture that emphasizes doing the right thing, and helping those who do the right thing makes sense to us. We regularly publish legal articles and highlights for attorneys in our articles section, and run our Excellence Network program to help promote lawyers and law firms that want to offer great services. Most importantly, 99% of what we do is free. A small portion of our company, like our Star Attorney advertising program is designed to support our operations.

The legal industry is extremely important to society. It has been around before we were born, and will be long after we are gone. In an industry that is slow to change, we are committed to doing our part, and technology innovation is at the heart of our approach. We have a long way to go, and a difficult road ahead. Help us change the legal world. Join our community and increase your sphere of influence.


Everybody deserves great legal help.